Virtual Trainings


We help organisations with their training needs. From content creation to experience design, we can provide bespoke training solutions.

We have experience training individuals or large groups using the latest remote tools in the market, creating remarkable experiences for stakeholders to have a memorable learning session. We have an extensive catalogue of training courses which we can deliver remotely and personalized to your organization's needs.

From content creation to training experience design, we can help your organisation with its training needs.

Training Key Services

While we can add value in numerous areas, these are some of the key services we're known for.

Content Creation
External Speakers
Experience Design
LMS Tools

Virtual Congresses


We help you create virtual congresses with multiple presenters or guests in broadcast-grade quality.

Congresses are important economic difference-makers, but often include long journeys and high costs for participants and hosts alike. Virtual congresses are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. From one-on-one to unlimited participants, we can seamlessly orchestrate virtual congresses, delivering a complete experience including registration, emailing, congress management, and post event feedback.

We can create a bespoke congress, planning and executing your individual project according to your needs.

Congresses Key Services

While we are open to venturing ourselves into anything and everything, these are some of the key services we're known for.

Event Registration
Real-time Video Streaming
Multiple Devices Compatibility

Virtual Events


We help you create virtual events spanning tradeshows, conferences, workshops, career fairs, and more.

Making the best use of technology, we can help you create a virtual event to engage with your stakeholders, delivering an interactive and enjoyable experience. We can create live events with thousands of concurrent attendees by using cloud scaling technologies, integrating with the software you need: Google Drive, OneDrive, MailChimp, Slack, Salesforce, Dropbox, HubSpot and more.

We can also supercharge your offline events, by managing all your digital aspects: such as event registration, event communications, post-event feedback surveys, and more.

Virtual Event Key Services

Here are just a few of the things we can do on virtual events.

Event Planning
Experience Design
Event Operations